Support for Small Buildings


Our city may be known for its iconic skyline, but New York’s smaller buildings are a cornerstone of the city’s infrastructure. Many small buildings between 5,000-25,000 square feet face unique challenges when it comes to providing reliable heating and hot water, maintaining historic features while controlling energy costs, and protecting from unwanted leaks and pests.  

NYC Accelerator provides free technical assistance on building energy efficiency upgrades to help owners and managers of small buildings implement energy projects that reduce costs, improve property value, and increase occupant comfort. Our experts can propose energy projects tailored to address the unique needs of your building and help you identify financing options, incentives, and qualified service providers to complete the work within a budget and timeline that works for you.

By working with NYC Accelerator, you’ll receive:

  • Free advisory services from a dedicated building expert to help you identify building improvements and cost-saving opportunities

  • Assistance navigating available financing options and incentives

  • Help navigating local building law compliance requirements and deadlines, including restrictions on No. 4 oil which go into effect in 2024

  • Access to trainings on energy technology and cost-saving upgrades

Small Buildings

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