Solar Technical Assistance

Don’t miss increased incentives, tax benefits, and personalized support to go solar.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Install Solar

Solar energy is a cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally sustainable investment that can help provide a brighter future for all of New York City. Solar panels generate electricity from the sun, reducing building operating expenses and carbon emissions. When you install solar, you can cut costs and bring your building into compliance with local laws.

Don’t miss the limited-time incentives and long-term benefits of installing solar panels on your building’s roof:

  • State incentives will cover up to 40% of total installation costs
  • Federal income tax credits are 26% until January 2023
  • On-site solar can help your building comply with Local Laws 92, 94, and 97 — NYC’s solar/green roof and carbon-reduction requirements
  • Solar energy systems last up to 25 years
  • Community solar generated off-site and routed to your building makes clean energy available to more New Yorkers

NYC Accelerator Makes It Easy to Go Solar

Work one-on-one with an expert to see if solar is right for your building. You’ll get:

  • A free, custom assessment of feasibility and cost savings
  • Free technical assistance from planning to installation

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