Project Overview

New York City’s International Tailoring Company Building is a 156,000-square-foot structure built as a garment factory in 1921. The 13-story building was converted into a residential co-op building in 1980. With help from NYC Accelerator in 2018, the building connected with a reliable service provider, Ecosystem Energy Services, to make upgrades to enhance comfort for residents. The energy efficiency improvements reduced annual energy use by 38% and ensured compliance with local building energy laws through 2050.

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$6.05 million
Net project cost (after incentives)

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$7.7 million
Total project cost (before incentives)

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$1.65 million
Incentives received (27% of net project cost)

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Mortgage refinance 

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Estimated energy and cost savings

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$100,000 in 2030
Estimated Local Law 97 (LL97) penalties avoided

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3 years 
Project duration




Though the building underwent several design makeovers since it was constructed over 100 years ago, the original infrastructure was causing inconsistent heating and cooling.

In 2017, the co-op board began researching ways to improve the outdated building infrastructure. A couple of years later, New York City enacted LL97, which requires buildings over 25,000 gross square feet to meet stringent carbon emissions limits — or face annual penalties.

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Dated Heating and Cooling System

An aging two-pipe hydronic switchover system was operational but required around the clock maintenance and caused uneven heating and cooling throughout the building.

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Inconsistent Temperatures

Massive steel-framed windows in units faced different directions, allowing direct sun to some apartments while others remained shaded.

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The building’s co-op board got in touch with NYC Accelerator and received:

Connection to a Trusted Service Provider

NYC Accelerator connected building management with Ecosystem Energy Services, an integrated design and construction firm that implemented a turnkey solution while guaranteeing performance and fixed costs.

Free technical assistance

on hydronic heating and geothermal technology

Efficient Heating and Cooling

The building replaced its aging heating and cooling system with an innovative hybrid design consisting of electric air-to-water heat pumps, supplemented by a natural-gas powered condensing boiler for additional heat during colder weather. This system recycles energy between apartments for peak efficiency while significantly reducing carbon emissions and enhancing resident comfort.


The Benefits

  • Customized heating and cooling control with smart thermostats in each unit to enhance resident comfort
  • New equipment that requires less maintenance and avoids LL97 penalties projected through 2050
  • Incentives to offset upgrades costs
  • Lower energy use and costs on utility bills


We wanted to allow people to control their own destiny regarding comfort. When LL97 came about, we pivoted the pieces of the puzzle to align with the law’s objectives more closely."

— Eric Einstein

Co-op Board President International Tailoring Company Building

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