NYC Accelerator Awards

NYC Accelerator Awards

Building owners and managers, service providers, and community organizations: Get recognized for your commitment to decarbonization. 

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Calling all Building Trailblazers

NYC Accelerator is leading an effort to improve the quality of life and health of our communities by making New York City carbon neutral by 2050. When you lead change in your business, building, or community by enhancing building and energy performance, you can:

  • Grow your business, improve property value, and lower utility costs.
  • Get complimentary marketing and advertising for your business.
  • Help build a green workforce across NYC.
  • Access networking opportunities.

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NYC Building Trailblazers

See the trailblazing building professionals and community organizations who are taking action to support decarbonizing New York City. Find out how you can get involved and get recognized by NYC Accelerator.

Building Performers  

360 West 22nd Street Board (Leader)

Centers Health Care (Leader)

L+M Development Partners (Leader)

Brooklyn Home Management (Partner)

102-40 67th Drive Owners Corp. (Affiliate)


Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums (Partner)

Bricks & Mortals (Partner)

NYARM (Partner)

Urban Green Council (Partner)

Service Providers  

Association for Energy Affordability (Affiliate)

BROAD USA (Affiliate)

CC Controlled Combustion Co. (Affiliate)

EN-POWER GROUP (Affiliate)

The Metro Group Inc. (Affiliate)

Trane (Affiliate)

UrbanStrong (Affiliate)

UtiliVisor (Affiliate)

Vanguard Building Solutions (Affiliate)

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