Community Organizations

Community Organizations

You are already making a difference for the future of NYC. Use your voice to share the benefits of building decarbonization and the ways we can help our communities achieve a carbon-free future.

How You Can Get Involved 

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Host an Event
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You can bring industry leaders together to help decarbonize our city’s buildings. Get everything you need to host an event where you can network with others who are working to influence change.

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Refer a Building
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Know of a building that can benefit from the free energy efficiency resources and technical assistance we offer? Help us get connected to the building owner, manager, or developer and we’ll contact them directly.

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Stay Connected
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Our voices are louder when we work together. Subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) to make sure you’re getting the latest news on decarbonization efforts in NYC. Share our content and encourage your followers to connect with us.

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Take a Training
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Improving the energy efficiency of buildings in your community can improve safety and comfort for all. Sign up for free trainings to help your team understand these and other community benefits.

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Adopt a Building
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You have the power to improve the buildings around you. Find out how you can be a personal advocate for some of your favorite structures around the city.

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Spread the Word

You are already creating change — continue the momentum. Talk about building decarbonization in your community and share how we can build a carbon-free future.