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Access technical assistance and trainings to design energy efficiency into your new building.

New Buildings


Your new construction and major renovation projects will have lasting effects on the city — and your bottom line. Planning ahead for energy efficiency measures will increase your property’s value and help you avoid fines associated with local energy laws which may be attractive to potential buyers.  

NYC Accelerator offers expert knowledge on local energy laws and electrification strategies for your building. Take advantage of personalized technical assistance and trainings to understand compliance requirements and plan for long-term energy efficiency in your project.

Expert Guidance

Consult with our specialized team to find out what laws apply to your building, then design and build your project to reduce emissions and avoid penalties.

Cost-Saving Opportunities

Get connected to incentives and financing options to help future-proof your building.

Compliance Resources

Understand NYC’s building laws, how they apply to your new construction or major renovation projects, and pathways to compliance.

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Resources for New Construction

Finance Building Upgrades

Financing may be available to help you build energy efficiency into your project. NYC Accelerator can help you understand financing options and identify a solution that fits your needs.

NYC Building Energy Laws

How local energy laws impact new buildings and major renovations. See guidance on Local Laws 92/94, 97, and 154.

Local Law 97 Primer for New Buildings

Local Law 97 explained, with a focus on new construction and the impacts of the fossil fuel phaseout legislation, Local Law 154. 

Electrification Guide

Essential insights for developers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals planning the construction of commercial and multifamily buildings with all-electric systems.

Electric Technology Building Matrix

Benefits of constructing buildings with efficient electric equipment. See a list of available electric technologies for various building systems.

VRF Guidelines

Best practices for designing, installing, and operating variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. See a comparison of VRF heat pumps and heat recovery systems.

Heat Pump Installation QA/QC Checklist

Steps to complete a heat pump installation. Follow checklist to ensure quality.

Energy Modeling Comparison

A comparison of popular energy modeling tools. Understand how different software options can help you assess energy performance and ensure local law compliance.

Passive House NY Stretch Code Comparison

Benefits of pursuing Passive House standards. See a comparison between the modeled performance of buildings representative of NYC’s housing stock and New York Stretch Code 2020.